About Us

We build scalable software solutions for cutting-edge enterprises.

At Stable Kernel, our mission is to provide our partners with reliable, innovative software solutions that set them apart from the competition.

Atlanta-based software company Stable Kernel serves some of the most innovative and revolutionary Fortune 500 companies in the world. We’ve built a reputation for quality products that don’t just look impressive–they solve real problems for industry-leading enterprises.

Instead of implementing one-size-fits-all frameworks for your digital strategy, Stable Kernel strives to truly understand your business and uncover opportunities and challenges to propel your company. While other agencies build generic products based on your requirements, our team of experts expose your true needs and build scalable software with the future of your company in mind.

To build consistently exceptional software and deliver an outstanding client experience, our team adheres to four core values:


At Stable Kernel, integrity means speaking up when we identify a potential problem, even if there’s not a simple solution. And we don’t quit until the problem is fixed. We put quality and honesty before ego, and it shows in our work.


Respect is evident at Stable Kernel in the way we treat each other and in how we approach the work. As partners working together to build beautiful, innovative, stable software, we respect the importance of the investment of your money, time and ideas that are brought to the table. Our clients are the reason we exist, and we never forget that.

Learn & Share

To stay at the top of our game in an ever-evolving industry, continuous learning and sharing are essential to our success. Through conferences, educational seminars and professional networks, our employees are encouraged to share their findings with the team when they return. We consistently challenge each other to learn skills beyond our job descriptions, and that results in a more diverse team of problem-solvers for our clients’ projects.

Stay Hungry

Stable Kernel is made up of genuinely curious, growth-minded people. We encourage each other to explore problems from every angle, constantly test new ideas, grow our skill set continuously, and strive for the best solutions on behalf of our clients. It helps that we take on fascinating projects with clients who are at the forefront of their industries.

We have deliberately built Stable Kernel as a place where the best developers, designers, and strategists want to work.

We invest in every team member by helping them achieve their personal goals, and they invest back in the company with passion and determination. Our clients notice our commitment right away, and it leads to higher trust in our ability to deliver great results.

Joe Conway, CEO & Founder
Joe Conway CEO & Founder

Our Culture

Stable Kernel’s work environment is healthy, intentional, and collaborative. Our company isn’t a blip on our team members’ resumes–it’s a place where careers grow. We believe in our work, we believe in our team, and we believe in the common goals we set with our clients. When disagreement sets in, we respectfully and constructively work through problems for even better outcomes. Stable Kernel has built an environment where people can do their best work, while establishing trust with our clients and their stakeholders.